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Downsizing Your Property: Moving and Storing Your Furniture

Making the decision to move is not easy. Especially if you have been living in the same residence for years by the time you decide to move, it may feel like you are leaving a little part of you behind. However with the proper planning the process of moving can be made a lot easier which will ease the emotional stress of choosing downsizing your home.

Why do people downsize?

Typically there is a change of circumstance for people which would make them want to move to a smaller home. Children leaving home or a upcoming retirement are some of the most popular reasons that people choose to downsize.

What are the benefits of downsizing?

• Cost and expense

While a smaller home is obviously cheaper to buy than a large one there are other savings you can make by downsizing as well. The long-term implications of moving is that overall, your expenses will decrease. For example, insurance, and utility costs reduce significantly. Any taxes on your home will go down too.

• Maintenance

In a smaller home you spend less mental and physical effort when it comes to maintaining the interior and exterior of your home including tasks like repainting, maintaining gardens and repair work.

Things to consider when moving house

• Moving furniture

Whenever you are downsizing, choosing what furniture to take with can be tricky because some pieces maybe too large to fit in your new home. In addition, some of the things you are going to move require delicate handling. If you are in the process of moving house in Auckland then consider hiring a truck to help you get all your beloved furniture into your new home. 

Tips on moving furniture

• Measurements

Furniture will take quite some time to move, and you will need to be very certain on the room you have available in your new home. A good idea would be to take measurements of every piece of furniture you want to move because it will give you a sense of the spaces you can decide what to do with those pieces that are going to be impossible to take with you.

• Disassemble what you can

You can take apart some furniture before moving out. By doing this, you not only reduce the weight, but you also allow for mobility. Be sure to keep twin pieces like screws and nuts together so that you do not face the frustration of having to buy new ones when you arrive at your new destination. If you are not sure how to disassemble a piece of property, look for the instructions online.

• Use professionals

Do not do it alone. It could waste your time, ruin some furniture and predispose you to injuries. It helps having some professionals at hand. They do a quick, clean job and save you the hassle of moving house.

If you are looking to move, maybe it is time that you contact Hireace, for truck hire in Auckland. The services here are professional, quick get you to the new destination without a hitch. Remember, moving is tiresome, and the sooner you get it over with the better.

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